Hand reading

There are days, when we just watch our hands unconsciously and we don’t even realise, that the imprint of our soul looks back at us. This special mirror is only waiting for you to understand it, because it is the perfect copy of your soul. When you shake hand with somebody, or you caress someone smooth vibrations exchange and you don’t even recognize how much has changed during this time. Every touch, every vibration is stored in the hidden pipelines of your soul, and this mirror is rewritten due to the activity of the brain. When you are born, you are more conscious than you would think. You teach the people around you. Your watching your hand, you close it, than you open it.

The image of your perfect being is already there. You’re born with ultimate chances and it’s only up to you how you make use of the grains of sand entrusted to you. What you ad to them, what you take from them. You start a stream of thoughts, and it already reflects in your palm in the shape of a line. It predicts your somatic illnesses, too. The environmental pollution is deposited on the smooth skin of your palm in tiny, small flecks. The strained or gentle bows of your spiritual progress show where you are at the moment.

We may think, that the many lives we’ve ever had is gone for good, without a trace. The lines of the sorely tried souls are like the branches of a gross tree. Each of its buds and leaves is an experience. The appealing, or concealed secrets of your karma sometimes wink out of your palm, showing what to pay attention on. Childhood wishes; the head of a kind puppy shows that the desire is not gone, its print there. A twist in the soul calls your attention in a unique, playful way.

Series of numbers and letters help you to understand the unexplainable. You’d be surprised, if you saw the monogram of a loved person or even yours on your palm. Geometrical figures, symbols and rune signs tell you about the things you should strengthen in yourself, how you can be luckier and happier. When I find a symbol in someone’s palm and I feel that it would help the person on the way of his life, I very often recommend him a talisman. This talisman consists of a chosen jewel and an engraving on its back, which is already printed on the person’s palm. It is a frequent experience, that it strengthens the person’s system of energy.

All the above is based on seven years of experience. IF you are interested, contact me! Order the analysis of your palm!

Name: Zubor Erika

Thanks for reading!

My writings on palm reading will be available soon!