Painting therapy

We’ve been painting pictures in groups since April, 2000. We come together with friends in smaller or larger groups and we paint together no matter how. We don’t decide on the subject in advance. It’s the power of the moment that gives birth to these pictures. Each of these pictures is a marvellous lesson. The colour that a person uses, the way a person respects or not the work of other people. How much the people are separated from each other, and what interactions are among them. Below I’ll introduce different small groups and I’ll also write a few words about what happened whit them during and after the painting sessions.

Festésterápia On Whitsuntide in 2001 seven of us came together to paint a picture. In the beginning only meaninglesssmudges and a set of disjointed signs were seen on the silk. Then, when we were ready, all of us saw it happily that the picture had turned out exactly the way we wanted. We put it onto a sheet, we rolled its sides as it was a new born baby and we lit candles, one on each corner of the painting. Our common work had become a whole and we were happy with this feeling. We called this picture “Universe”.

Festésterápia People seen on the picture – from left to right:

– Tamás
– Erika
– Szilvi
– Ili
– Bogi
– Zsuzsi

In August, 2003 we painted together with children in a handicraft camp. The atmosphere was excellent and beautiful pictures were made. I painted together with 12 and 14 participants. Children from the age of 4 to 14 painted a picture together. The first one was dedicated to the Waters, the second to Mother Earth.